Willow + WillowTwin™ in Spain

Willow + WillowTwin™ in Spain

As Willow’s commercial partner in Spain, we are pleased to inform you that the WillowTwin™ system is now available for the railway infrastructure market, but also for real estate and special buildings in general.

Every day, the built world produces huge amounts of data — from the occupants that walk the corridors to the equipment that powers and measures operations. Mismanagement of this data causes a negative impact on bottom-line performance, and owners are losing insurmountable untapped value.

WillowTwin™ is a powerful software platform designed specifically to solve this challenge. It converts all quantifiable aspects of a physical structure into a living, learning, and evolving virtual replica, enabling buildings and infrastructure to become “smart”.

Customisable. Scalable. Secure. And built for your world.

Improve your asset performance and user experience. Check the video or request a demo of WillowTwin™ today





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