Smart tamping with the Universal Tamper 4.0 from System7

Smart tamping with the Universal Tamper 4.0 from System7

With our representation of System7, the Austrian manufacturer of revolutionary industry 4.0 tamping machines, we concentrate on intelligent tamping and dramatical reduction of lifecycle and maintenance costs. System7’s tamping machines and tamping aggregates have been designed for intuitive usability and guarantee optimum compaction at any time.

The System7 Universal Tamper 4.0 has been developed for lining, lifting and tamping plain line tracks and switches. The main development targets beside optimum compaction of the ballast and its digital recording (S7 INFRAME system) were dramatic reduction of maintenance costs and LCC achieved by a smart machine. The machine is monitored by the S7 RaVeM system to enable trend based maintenance. The S7 Universal Tamper offers a full automatic work mode where only 2 operators are needed on the whole machine. After inserting target values of the track geometry the machine calculates the needed lining and lifting parameters, automatically brings the rails from measured actual values to target values during tamping the ballast from sleeper to sleeper.


The heart of the machine is the current most modern silent tamping bank with full hydraulic drive. The tamping bank vibrates only during penetration and compaction of the ballast. Unique is the universal tamping cylinder. Rotating parts are redundant. Because of this an extreme reduction of overhaul and repair costs of the tamping bank is achieved. The noise is reduced significantly by more than 7 dBA in comparison with conventional tamping banks. The tamping bank calculates during tamping the ballast bed hardness and the achieved compaction force of the ballast under each sleeper.
The reduction of fine dust (-50%), noise emission and vibration minimize the burden of the operator and the environment.

The tamping takes place with the proven vibration frequency of 35 Hz with an amplitude of 2.5 mm. Penetration is done at an optimum frequency depending on the hardness of the ballast bed. The compaction work results in measurements of the compaction force and compaction distance, reflecting the quality of the ballast bed.

In existing tamping trains worn tamping banks can be replaced with the innovative and compatible System7 tamping bank.


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