Willow is the digital twin for the built world. We enable our users to make proactive, data-led decisions in real time, to grow profits, reduce expenses and better manage risk. Willow is a global technology company working within the real estate and infrastructure industries.

As the digital and the physical worlds continue to align, we are excited by the possibilities digital twins have to offer infrastructure networks.


Benefits that are starting to be realised include:

Increases in operational efficiency, improved resource optimisation, cost savings, and overall network performance and availability.


Why your infrastructure network needs a digital twin.


Today, data in the built world is not creating the value it could be. The analysis and actioning of data across infrastructure networks is a time-consuming, costly, and manual process, as data is siloed in discreet systems, each with its own structure, tagging, or naming hierarchy. Further to this, millions of new IoT devices are coming online each hour. Without an integrated, structured, or cost-effective way to analyse this information, this data challenge is only set to amplify.


Digital Twins for Infrastructure


WillowTwinTM – The digital twin for the built world. Developed with the exact requirements of infrastructure in mind. WillowTwinTM is a ground-breaking software platform for infrastructure. It empowers users to make proactive, data-led decisions in real-time to reduce expenses, increase revenue and better manage risk.


The platform provides a single interface empowering actionable insights for all asset data, driving value across multiple business functions, project stages and types of built assets.


WillowRail – Support smarter asset management solution for rail


The digital twin solution provided by WillowRail is an integrated rail asset management solution for all rail network types, including trams, light rail, metro, (high speed) trains, and heavy haul.

It gives rail operators, managers, rail engineers, and maintenance staff holistic insights into their rail network to make accurate, timely, and contextual decisions to improve their networks’ performance and reliability. In an environment where even the smallest interruption can have serious social- and financial implications, WillowRail creates a data-driven digital rail network that can predict faults before they occur, optimize capacity, and increase rail network availability.


WillowRail – Features & Benefits


There are three essential key features and benefits to the WillowRail platform.


1. Agnostic ecosystem

In-house data and tools are converged to create a single, seamless, and intuitive platform. No longer viewed in isolation, all assets are liberated to co-contribute to a dynamic, integrated network platform.


2. Efficient maintenance

The WillowRail solution integrates asset condition monitoring data to detect and forecast failures This reduces reactive maintenance and the high associated costs by up to 20%. WillowRail’s analytical engine enables the progression from preventative to predictive maintenance to optimise the lifespan of network assets.


3. Towards 100% availability

The complementing combination of cutting-edge platform technology and the high level of rail industry knowledge increases network availability up to 99.9+%.


Willow enables Owners & Operators to better understand and manage their assets in order to drive long-term performance and adaptability.


Owners are responsible for the overall strategy and performance of their infrastructure project and require accurate and reliable data to make informed decisions. They must address the full lifecycle, from planning to design through construction and into operations. To ensure their assets are meeting performance standards, they look to metrics on financial performance, sustainability, risk and compliance, timing, safety and quality.

Whilst this data is essential for making quality decisions, it is predominantly spread across multiple different systems and reported on a monthly or quarterly basis. Furthermore, data is presented in a range of different formats making the comparison of metrics across many assets difficult.

WillowTwin™ has been designed to address these pain points and ensure that Owners & Operators have complete visibility and ease of access to quality asset data to inform decision-making.


The benefits:


  • Single portal for real-time status on important issues
  • Real-time insights to maximize network’s efficiency and productivity
  • Real-time insights to make strategic decisions
  • Prediction of maintenance issues before the occurrence of breakdowns which saves time, reduced maintenance costs and expensive shutdowns
  • Allows all data to be used from day 1 of operations
  • Confidence in quality of data
  • Ability to log into WillowTwin™ remotely and view data from anywhere, anytime
  • Minimised disruption and loss of data when changing management teams or third-party vendors
  • Ability to measure impact and ROI on new initiatives